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Spot fx mifid ii

Spot fx mifid ii

FX & MIFID What FX instruments are MiFID instruments? • Spot and Commercial FX forwards excluded from MIFID scope Caveat If FX Service is an ancillary service “ connected to” provision of investment services • Forwards for Investment purposes, FX Options, Rolling Spot contracts within scope • Interpretation by other member states ? GLOBAL FOREIGN EXCHANGE DIVISION Jun 22, 2017 · 4 MiFID II/R: FX reminder • Go live is 3rd January 2018 • Scope of MiFID II/R in relation to FX – All FX products except FX spot are in scope – FX spot includes FX security conversions and broadly those FX trades entered into for goods/payments FX trading focus : MiFID II : Anthony Kirby - Best Execution

After Spot FX, All FX Derivatives are About to Get ...

Unpacking MiFIR Transaction Reporting: Are rolling spot FX and metals reportable? Posted on December 27th, 2017 in Europe - MiFID II/MiFIR Currently, there is some uncertainty in the market about whether CFDs on spot FX and metals, as traded in MT4 , MT5 , cTrader and similar platforms, are … MIFID and forex regulation - GBO Conversely, rolling spot FX contracts are considered a type of derivative contract, and as such are considered financial instruments contracts under MiFID. Amongst traders and clients in the Forex market, MiFID has long been regarded as a symbol of high quality regulations. Foreign exchange: How to deal with the summer MiFID II ...

MiFID II now applies to “non-equity products” as well, such as cash and derivative products in fixed income, FX and commodities. To clarify the impact on FX by MiFID II and how to deal with it, Bloomberg’s FX electronic trading business held a webinar recently, “MiFID II: Impact for FX Markets” to explain what the regulation says

MiFID – Trading venues | Refinitiv Trade FX derivatives electronically through our Multilateral Trading Facility (MTF) and meet execution requirements under MiFID II. With one single platform, you can trade FX spot, forwards, swaps, NDFs, and options with MTF, SEF, and off-venue execution and with FXall’s request-for-quote (RFQ) or Matching central limit order book. The European Commission is looking to Australia as it considers pulling spot foreign exchange into Mifid II, the regime that exists for equities, bonds and derivatives – a radical change that industry lawyers and lobbyists have been hoping would fade from view, following intense criticism. However, the United Kingdom, representing almost 80% of the EU's FX market (Europe Economics, Data gathering and cost-benefit analysis of MiFID II, L2, p. 231), and Ireland define FX spot contracts as contracts for the purchase of a currency with a delivery of between two and seven business days. Just over one year since MiFID II came into effect, TRAction still gets asked whether Rolling Spot FX and Spot Precious Metals are reportable under MiFIR.Here we explain why we consider Rolling Spot FX and Spot Precious Metals are not reportable under MiFIR.. Financial instruments that are subject to MiFIR

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